Agate stone comes in many forms and is considered a power stone; excellent for those that deal with numbers as they help you be more precise by stimulating your analytical capabilities. Agate stone’s are very good for all aspects of money including acquiring it, keeping it by protecting it, and your generosity in sharing it. They bring balance and harmony to your life by allowing you to accept the things you can not change and giving you the courage to change the things you can. It is also a good stone to help you show forgiveness to those that have done you wrong and can help you release stress and tension so it can be converted to positive energy.

Agate stone comes in a HUGE range of colors and designs; from most every country in the world. They are one of the least expensive healing gemstones because they are one of the most common types of crystals on earth. While all agates have basic meanings in common, most types of agate also have powers and healing properties that are unique to the individual agate stone type.

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Individual Agate Stone Healing Properties

Moss Agate:

Known for it’s ability to help you connect with the natural world. Considered to be the most powerful of all the agates and was used in the breast plates of warriors to ensure the warriors abilities as a fighter and to ensure his success.

As a healing gemstone, Moss Agate known for helping to balance blood sugar, help control eating disorders and cleansing the lymph nodes. Helps to increase energy in cases where exhaustion is a problem. It is often used to help speed up recovery after childbirth or any long illness.

Traditionally worn by gardeners to increase crop size. When used in jewelry, it attracts friends and riches to the owner.

Picture Agate:

The perfect healing stone to use during meditation because it helps to balance both sides of the brain allowing better communication with your highest power. Activates and purifies the pinneal and pituitary glands to awaken and energize natural abilities.

Mexican Lace Agate:

Useful for person suffering from depression as it lifts the mood and allows positive thoughts to reign.

Pink Lace Agate:

The perfect healing agate stone for persons that tend to be grumpy because it increases ones ability to accept and emit friendliness and happiness.

White Lace Agate:

The metaphysical properties of this healing agate stone helps align your mind and heart with the energies of your highest power. Useful in connecting to your Spirit Guide or in improving communication between you and your guide.

Botswana Agate:

Also known as an Eye Agate because it’s unusual banding tends to form eye shapes. An especially good healing stone for women during their child bearing years as it has been said to increase fertility and is known for increasing sensuality and passion in the person that carries it.

Helps ward off the evil eye curse when carried regularly. Helps to overcome shyness and loneliness. Can bring the comfort of a nice warm blanket on a cold winter night when emotions are raw and in need of a little tender loving care.

Crazy Lace Agate:

A good healing agate stone for those dealing with loss as it helps relieve emotional pain. It clears energy blockages in the major organs and chakras allowing love and laughter back into your life.

Flame Agate:

Like treats like and historically Flame Agate has been used to help relieve the pain during treatment of burns. Helps to stimulate your awareness of the world and universe around you.

Tree Agate:

Commonly called Tree Agate, this form of agate is actually called Dendritic Agate because of the dendrite branches that form within the stone. Also known as the Stone of Plentitude for it draws abundance into your life, but be patient. Tree Agate works slowly but surely to complete its tasks.

Place a Tree Agate in your houseplants to encourage their growth. This has the added benefit of keeping the stone within your home which helps to provide a peaceful living space for those you love. Meditate with the stone to improve your connection to the energy flows of the earth. Useful for any healing that deals with blood vessels, nerves or the skeletal system.

Main Chakra: Heart

Vibrates to the number 1

Astrological Sign of Virgo – Elemental

Birthstone: June


Chemical Composition and Name

Hardness –

Specific Gravity –

Refractive Index (R.I.) –

Bi-refringence –

Optic Sign –

Optical Character –