Many people think what we call Amber stone is actual stones (minerals). In reality however they are fossils. Fossilized tree sap to be exact. Amber stone does not belong to a mineral family, it is more of a natural plastic and there is not an exact chemical composition that makes up amber stone for that reason.

Amber stone feels almost warm to the touch. Minerals feel cool to the touch but amber does not conduct heat the way mineral stones do. If it gets hot enough, amber will actually burn. Amber can be made to attract electro static electricity. Simply rub it with a soft cloth and it will attract small pieces of paper placed near it.

Most amber stone is a warm golden yellow color, but the colors can vary between shades of yellow, orange, red, white, brown, green and a bluish almost black color.

Everyone who spends long periods of time on a computer should keep an amber stone on their desk due to its ability to detoxify the body from all types of radiation (sun, computers, xrays, etc.)

An excellent healing stone, not only is it stronger than some other healing stones but also has the ability to take negative energy that could be causing the illness and transmutting it into positive energy that helps heal the affected area. It is an excellent stone for those working with the Law of Attraction due to its ability to help in manifesting your desires.

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Other Amber Stone meanings

Trying to get pregnant? Want to get every possible bit of help to speed up the process? Try wearing an amber stone on a belt hung low from the waist or carry one in your pocket to help ensure conception.

Have you noticed the small plants and animals that are often trapped within the golden confines of this gemstone? These help connect us directly to the Universal Life force making it a great stone for energy workers.

An amber stone carved into the shape of a rabbit, frog or fish would make a great gift for anyone trying to get pregnant, those 3 animals are some of the most abundant producers of offspring around and when you add in the stones ability to help in conception it makes a perfect match!

Amber stone helps draw out negative energy from the body then allows the body to heal itself by taking that negative energy and transmuting it into a positive energy that purifies the body, soul, heart and spirit. Luck does not have to be left to just fate, we have the ability to increase our luck via conscious choices and amber stone is an excellent choice to be used to attract good luck. Carry one in your pocket, drop one in your purse or wear one on a chain around your neck; all make the perfect good luck charm.

Making decisions are often one of the hardest things we ever have to face, but you don’t have to face it all alone. Hold an amber stone in your hands and fold your hands over your heart while making your decision as the stone will make your decision much easier to deal with. Most everyone has dreams of a better and brighter future, but your dreams are personally yours and they come in all sizes and shapes. It is the getting those dreams to come true that is the hard part. Want your dreams to come true? Sleep near an amber stone so it can help you make correct choices in your life.

Everyone needs love in their life and helping to attract love into your life is an amber stone metaphysical property that excels! Talismans are object that have been empowered (charged) with specific energies to be embued to the wearer. When possible, natural objects with their own similar powers are embued with the powers making the talisman exceptionally strong. Since ancient times, people have empowered the amber stone to be a protective talismans.

Have you ever known someone that is always bright and cheerful, even on the darkest of days? Did you notice if they happen to have some of this “sunshine frozen in time” amber stone on them. Since ancient times, a string of amber stone beads around the neck has been thought to bring the wearer inner peace and a sunny disposition.

Egyptians used amber stone to protect mummies from destruction and decay. It was not unusual for amulets made of amber stones to be found in tombs because it protected the deceased on their journey thought the afterlife. Make a gemstone elixir by soaking one or more stones in a glass container of water overnight, under the moonlight if possible. Use the elixir to wash your face or in the making of products for skin care to enhance beauty.

Early doctors prescribed amber stones to be taken internally to cure various ailments like headaches, heart problems and arthritis. (Not sure if I would try this one or not. Do so at your own risk.)

Meditation can improve all aspects of our lives, but sometimes trying to find the time and place to be able to relax enough to meditate can be a problem. So we of course want to get the most out of the time that we do have. By placing an amber stone on top of the head during meditation it not only helps to cleanse the crown chakra but improves your ability to get the most our of your mediation.

Our mind, body and soul are constantly being bombarded with negativity. Its in the air and the food we eat. Let’s not forget computers, medical equipment and the hundreds of other machines that give off small doses of raditional. It is no wonder our bodies are constantly having problems. Try passing a large amber stone through the aura of a person to detoxify the body and remove all sorts of negative energies or you can sleep with a few stones and receive their benefits all night long.

Having an off day? Sit for 3 to 5 minutes with an amber stone held to your solar plexus chakra to balance your mind, body and soul and bring clarity to your day.

Knee and joint problems haunt a huge number of Americans and this is one gemstone that can help alieve the pain. If you are having knee problems (or any other joint), wrap the joint with an ace bandage and place one or more amber stones under the bandage, next to the skin. The healing properties will have direct access to the problem area.

Life is hectic and if you are having a bad day and are exceptionally up tight, draw a nice warm bath and place a few amber stones in the water, then sink in with them and allow their healing powers to remove the tensions from your body.

There are numerous references to the uses of this fabulous gemstone throughout history. One of the most enduring is during the Middle Ages, when amber was use heavily in Rosary Beads.

Often thought of as being sunshine frozen in time, you can take advantage of that captured warmth and use it when you are feeling cold for any reason. Hold an amber stone in your hand and visualize its warmth spreading throughout your body to warm you up!

Give a gift of amber to anyone who is recovering from any sort of illness. It’s ability to connect to the life force of the Universe can help speed healing.

We have within our personal abilities the access to a wide range of ancient knowledge. Taping this knowledge is not always easy but if you meditate with an amber stone in each hand it helps you connect to the ancient knowledge.

For you guys who are hoping to get your wife pregnant, carry an amber stone in your pocket. It is helps keep the equipment in top working order.

Chakra: Solar plexus Chakra

Element: Fire

Astrological sign: Leo and Sagittarius

Vibrates to #3