Blue Lace Agate is one of the rarest of all the agate gemstones. It was discovered by a man named George Swanson on his farm in the south western part of Africa. To this day, the original seam found on his farm still produces the best blue lace agates in the world.

One Blue Lace Agate meaning brings out your more personable side allowing you to let problems and irritations slide off your back rather than internalizing and dwelling on them. In todays hectic world this can be like a gift from the creator. Everyone is so busy and so pushed to hurry, hurry, hurry we often end up hurting peoples feelings without meaning to. The properties of blue lace agate work almost like a protective shield around you, helping you to simply allow those negative remarks to flow over and away from you rather than you accepting them as a part of yourself. Helps to connect with your highest power and to emit positive feelings of hope, joy and positive thinking. Makes a great stone to be used as a wishing stone.

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Blue Lace Agate Meaning

Agate healing properties for this particular variety are very calming and uplifting. Blue lace agate is great to use in any situation where tensions may reside. Keep one in your home or at your office to help keep everyone at peace. It is a gentle stone that brings a calming tranquil feeling to anyone that is around it. It is a great stone to help you reach higher spiritual energies, communicate with angels and spirit guides and helps to open the throat chakra, the communication center of our being.

Use a blue lace agate for any instances that involve any type of communicating with others. This makes it the perfect stone for those involved in any type of public speaking, teaching, any type of written communication including books, letters, commercials and advertising.

If you know of someone who is writing a book or studying any subject where they must write a thesis in order to graduate, the agate healing properties make a blue lace agate the perfect gift. Try to find something rather large that can sit on the desk they work from, or give them a pendant with a blue lace agate stone in it, with a chain set to allow the stone to hang just at the bottom of their throat to get the best effect.

These same properties of blue agate hold true for those who do any sort of public speaking. Having a blue lace agate hanging at throat level not only helps the voice to be clear and strong, giving the best impression possible but also helps the speaker to find the right words to be able to get their point across eloquently.

Blue lace agates are used as a healing stone to help people that stutter, have arthritis, severe headaches, throat problems, nervous problems that affect their speech and all types of skin and bone problems. If you find yourself in a stressed out condition for any reason, try meditating with one or more blue lace agates. They can help you let go of the stresses so you can be at a peaceful and calm state.

One of the properties of blue agate that make it a great gift for anyone who uses their intuitiveness in their work (think police officers, teachers, etc.) or even for those seeking to open their psychic abilities to help others; is its ability to help increase pyschic abilities. It clears the mind and eases the connection between yourself and the spirit world giving you better access to knowledge and information when it is needed the most.

If you find yourself in a situation where you are not being honest with yourself, which almost always leads to even bigger problems, try meditating with a blue lace agate. Many people find accepting the fact that we often lie to ourselves to be almost impossible. Yet most everyone does it. Accepting allows you to deal with it and it ceases to be a problem. Internalizing it and refusing to accept it, forces us to keep dealing with the problems over and over again. Blue lace agate will allow you to connect your inner self with the higher beings that can guide you to where you need to be.

Blue lace agates are great stones to decorate in an office where meetings are held on a regular basis. They help to keep all communications on a smooth and even basis, which makes everything run a little easier. A collection of large pieces of blue lace agate arranged in a display and placed in the center of the meeting room table can actually reduce costs within a business allowing everyone to keep petty arguements out of meetings and stay on topic better. Of course if larger pieces are not available, try a small fountain and place multiple tumbled stones in strategic places inside and around the fountain to have the same affect.

Main Chakra: Throat

Planet: Venus

Vibrates to the number: 5

Element: Water & Air

Astrological Sign: Pisces

Blue Lace Agate Technical Details

Chemical Composition and Name – SiO2

Hardness – 7

Specific Gravity – 2.60 – 2.65

Refractive Index (R.I.) – 1.544-1.553

Bi-refringence –

Optic Sign –

Optical Character –