Charoite is found in only one place in the entire world, along the Chary River in the Sakha Republic, Siberia, Russia.

It forms when limestone is infused with a unique composition of an alkali rich nephline syenite intrusion. But that infusion was not all it took to make Charoite. There had to also be the right amount of heat, the right amount of pressure and the right amount of time. This unique combination of circumstances occurred in only one place.

As Charoite was growing, it grew in swirled layers of purples, blacks, oranges and greens. The blacks are inclusions of Augite, the greens are from Feldspars and the oranges are from Tinaksite

Charoite specimen image

Originally exported starting in the 1970’s, it was often hard to come by not because of its rarity, but also because Russian law prevents it from being exported until after it has been worked into a finished product. Either those laws have been relaxed or someone is smuggling it out of the country however, as you can not occasionally find raw stone available.

Charoite Gemstone opens and amplifies the connection between the head and the heart, allowing us to accept logically the things we need to let go of and the things we need to bring into our lives, making the transition easier on every level.

Our lives are all about change, we are in constant flux, yet one of the strongest human attachments is to try to hold on to the past. To try to keep things exactly the same as they always have been. But change is growth and growth gives an increase in power and should be accepted on every level. Charoite allows you to flow through the changes, never getting caught up and allowing emotion to trap you in a stagnant relationship. It allows you to see what a fantastic person you are and to accept the gifts of wisdom that comes with every transformation.

Charoite negates things like anger, rage, impatience, fear and confusion all the while boosting your own powers and ability to increase psychic and spiritual awareness and bring peace, calmness and balance into your life.

Charoite is the perfect stone for those suffering with obsessive compulsive disorder because it grounds our emotions and opens and balances the crown chakra. It not only helps you to overcome the disorder but its transformational abilities helps you to redirect those energies into something more positive and life affirming for you.

If you find yourself holding on to fears and allowing them to hold you back from being all that you can be, try meditating with a Charoite. It helps you to let go of fears and transform them into positive energy you can use to move on to bigger and better things.

If you know you will be having a long and tiring day and want to have a little extra energy to get through everything you need to accomplish, wear or carry Charoite to get an extra boost of energy when you need it the most.

To cleanse and/or balance the crown chakra, any sort of meditation or cleansing ritual using a Charoite is very helpful. An easy meditation I use regularly involves sitting with your spine straight. Place a charoite stone on the top of your head and visualize white light coming from the Universe, through the stone and into your body. Allow the light to fill your body and continue out your feet and into the earth.

Sleep with a Charoite Gemstone under your pillow at all times. It not only helps to ensure your dreams are prophetic, but also helps to prevent nightmares. This makes it a great stone to hang above the bed of a child that is being haunted with nightmares.

It is also a great stone for those trying to learn to lucid dream. It helps you to maintain your consciousness throughout the dream and if you pay close attention to your dreams you can work through most of the fears that are holding you back while in the dream state instead of dealing with them in the wake state.

Do you feel like someone or something is adding negative energies into your life or home? Hold a Charoite and ask it to show you where these energies are coming from. Then quiet your mind and listen for thoughts, ideas or sounds that lead you in a specific direction. In some ways, it is like a dowsing rod, or perhaps it would be best to say it turns your body into a dowsing rod that zeroes in on negative energies so you can remove the source.

Charoite helps the head and the heart work together. Often it is hard to choose the best solution because the heart says to do one thing and the head says to do another. This gemstones helps the two work on finding the best solution for you and everyone involved instead of just depending on one or the other.

Have problems with your head aching or ear problems? Take an wide elastic hair band, and wear it so it covers your forehead and ears, then slip a Charoite Gemstone over your ears or on the forehead to take care of the problem.

Charoite makes a great gift to those with psychic abilities or those that need to develop their intuitive abilities for it not only helps to activate the psychic abilities but also helps activate your spiritual awareness, making you more receptive to messages from guides.

Main Chakra: Crown & Heart

Planet: Neptune

Vibrates to the number: 7

Element: Water

Astrological Sign: Sagittarius, Scorpio, Virgo

Charoite Technical Details

Chemical Composition and Name – K(Na,Ca)11(Ba,Sr)Si18O46(OH,F)-nH2O Hydrated Potassium Sodium Calcium Barium Strontium Silicate Hydroxide Fluoride

Hardness – 5

Specific Gravity – 2.54 – 2.58

Refractive Index (R.I.) – na = 1.550 nß = 1.553 n? = 1.559

Bi-refringence – 0.009

Optic Sign – Positive

Optical Character – Biaxil