Chrysoprase is one of the specific types of chalcedony, but instead of the normal blue most peoplethink of as good quality chalcedony, it is an apple-green color. It is mined in numerous locations around the world including, Australia, Germany, Japan, Kazakhstan, Madagascar, Poland, Portugal, Russia and the United States.

Chrysoprase grows in a cryptocrystalline structure which means its crystals are so small, they can not been seen with the human eye, so you never see the large crystals you expect to see from the quartz family.

The apple green color of chrysoprase comes from the addition of nickel to chalcedony as it was forming. The brighter the green color, the more expensive the stone. The higher qualities are actually on the rare side, making the stone more expensive, especially in larger sizes.

The name Chrysoprase comes from the Greeks who named it a combination of chrysos which means gold and prason which means bloom, or gold bloom, because of the drops of gold that appear to be contained within the stone.

chrysoprase specimen image

Many people will confuse chrysoprase with various forms of Jade, especially imperial jadeite. In Australia, people often call it Australian Jade as a folk name.

From a metaphysical standpoint, chrysoprase is good at balancing opposing energies, the yin and the yang, light and dark, good and bad for we are not all of any one type of energy but a mixture of the opposing energies and this stone can help to realign the energies into a workable balance.

Think of all the many ways that ability can be used in your life. Those that are caught up in the need for perfection can release that need and find a balance that is more attuned with normal human abilities. Those that feel superior or even inferior to others can change to allow themselves to work on an even level with those around them.

Those that are greedy can learn to share. Those that are irritable can learn to be calm. Those that are selfish can learn to give. The possibilities are endless, making this a must have stone for anyone serious about making changes in their lives.

In doing my research for this article I ran across an old Rumanian legend which states that a person who works with a Chrysoprase has the ability to understand the language of lizards. Perhaps this is why I so enjoy sitting on my back deck and watching the lizard family that lives under the deck come out to play and sun themselves on the deck railings.

As a healing gemstone, chrysoprase is used to treat any disorder of the heart, to help heal wounds, to increase fertility, to help stop blood flow from a wound, to treat disorders of the reproductive organs and to relieve pain associated with arthritic ailments.

Main Chakra: Heart

Planet: Venus

Vibrates to the number: 3

Element: Earth

Astrological Sign: Libra


Chemical Composition and Name – Silicon Dioxide with inclusions of Nickel

Hardness – 7

Specific Gravity – 2.58 to 2.64

Refractive Index (R.I.) – 1.530 to 1.543

Bi-refringence – up to 0.004

Optic Sign – Positive

Optical Character – Uniaxial