Dolomite is found in many shapes and forms including masses, grains, rhombohedral and prismatic crystals. It forms in a wide range of colors including white, grey, greenish-white, red, rose red, green, pink, brown and black. Individual pieces can run from a pearly hue, to a dull shade.

Dolomite can be found throughout much of the world in various quantities and grades. Most used in modern needs is mined from Ontario, Canada, Mexico, Switzerland, Pamplona, Spain; and the USA.

Dolomite was named for the the French mineralogist Deodat de Dolomieu who discovered the mineral in 1791. It is often found growing in sedimentary and metamorphic rock and is often found with Limestone and Calcite.

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From a metaphysical standpoint, dolomite is used to help persons become more charitable in their demeanor and actions. This makes it a great stone for someone that is having problems getting past their own problems so they can be a help to others. This often happens after the loss of a loved one or a major upheaval in ones life.

We tend to forget that even though things may look dark or we may feel like the world is against us, there is a specific reason for what we are going through. It may be simply that we can not help others with their sorrow when we have not experienced it ourselves or it may we can not help others overcome their fears if we have not experienced fear in our lives. No matter what the reason, when you can stop thinking the bad things in life are aimed at you and understand the bad things in life simply make us stronger and more capable in our lives, all the anger, fear and frustration starts to drop away.

Dolomite is also a good stone for writers or those that need a good supply of new ideas in their work. It helps to clarify our thinking and allow new ideas to flow in an exciting way.

In times when we are stressed, especially when the stress has become long term, our chakras can become damaged by the stress and begin to leak energy resulting in a weakening of all the bodily symptoms. A Dolomite crystal can be kept within the bodies aura to help stop the energy leaks, resulting in an increase in all the body systems.

Large crystals or massive granular formations would be a great addition to the waiting room of any doctors office and would be especially helpful for any patients who’s ailments are caused by the bodies energy systems or through spiritual detachment rather than from a specific medical condition.

In healing, dolomite in a purified form purchased from a reputable dealer can be taken internally and is useful to help the body balance calcium and magnesium in a synergistic way. It helps to build blood, improves the structure of muscles within the body and helps build strong and healthy teeth, nails, skin and bones.

Main Chakra: Root


Vibrates to the number: 3

Element: Earth

Astrological Sign: Aries


Chemical Composition and Name – CaMg (CO3)2

Hardness – 3.5 – 4

Specific Gravity – 2.85

Refractive Index (R.I.) – n? = 1.679 – 1.681 and ne = 1.500

Bi-refringence – d = 0.179 – 0.181

Optic Sign – negative

Optical Character – Uniaxial