In the United State, Dumortierite has been mined mainly in California and Nevada, but it is found in many areas around the country. The most commons places where it is mined in the rest of the world include Brazil, Canada, France, Madagascar, Norway, Poland, Russia and Sri Lanka.

The most sought after colors are usually blue or violet, however it can also be found in various shades of pink and green. It is important to note that stones called Dumortierite Quartz and quartz crystals that contain dumortierite inclusions in them are their own separate stone and will not be covered on this page.

In the mundane world, dumortierite is used in the making of ceramics, porcelain and even spark plugs. The stone was named in the 1880’s for Eugene Dumortier a French paleontologist of the time.

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Dumortierite helps the lower and upper chakras communicate better by bringing the lower physical energy and the higher spiritual energy into balance and harmony. This can be brought about by simply wearing or carrying one or more dumortierites on a regular basis, or if you want faster results, have a friend or loved one “comb” your aura clean with a stone. A good combing should last around 20 to 30 minutes and when it is finished you should feel much lighter both physically and spiritually.

Dumortierite is a wonderful stone to give to students of any kind as it helps with mental discipline, helping you keep your mind on the subject at hand instead of wandering. It also helps you to absorb more data in less time. When learning something new, I have found it helps to finger a dumortierite while studying, my retention seems to be much better that way.

If you want to contact your Spirit Guide or receive a prophetic dream, sleep with a dumortierite in your hand or under your pillow to connect your mind with the source. This can also be done during meditation. Simply hold the stone and after you have relaxed and cleared your mind, let your consciousness pull energy from the stone, into your body, then allow the energy to help you connect with the universal source.

Aura combing with a dumortierite can also help your body to remain in a state of health and/or give your immune system a boost by removing toxins from the body. Just have a friend or loved one comb your aura while holding a dumortierite.

Healers will often use a dumortierite to help them diagnose disease. By holding a stone while slowly moving up and down the patients body, the dumortierite amplifies the energy where the illness is at making it easier to recognize.

For an upset stomach, especially if cramps, diarrhea or nausea is involved, meditate for 20 to 30 minutes while laying down with one or more stones on your stomach.

Dumortierite is a stone for increasing psychic abilities. It is known for opening the third eye chakra and stimulating psychic and/or prophetic dreams.

Keep one or more stones under your pillow or sleep with one in your hand to help you have prophetic dreams. Make sure to log your dreams in a dream journal immediately upon rising so you can remember as much detail as possible. By tracking your dreams it is easier to see trends that point to important events.

Meditating while holding a stone can help to open your psychic abilities in all aspects of you life. Think of it as a silent teacher working on increasing your psychic abilities without conscious knowledge on your part. This can lead to an increase in prophetic dreams, ESP, visions and seeing omens.

Need to organized your home or office or need help getting things lined up in the way that will allow everything to run as quickly and smoothly as possible? Work with dumortierite to help you establish the procedures and set up the filing system to get everything accomplished.

Dumortierite is a great stone for anyone involved in sales. It not only helps you to show the best side of yourself, it helps you to find the words the customer needs to hear to close the sale.

Do you have problems getting others to understand what you are talking about, dumortierite can help you to express yourself in ways others find easy to comprehend. This is especially true when you are speaking of spiritual or mystical events, thoughts and concepts.

Make an elixir from this stone and use it to wash irritated skin. It helps smooth and sooth the irritation and leaves skin feeling smoother.

Dumortierite is an excellent stone for someone going through withdrawal from any type of addiction. Have a friend or family member hold the stone in their hand while they “comb” your aura, this helps to remove the toxins and allow healing faster.

Main Chakra: Throat

Planet: Saturn

Vibrates to the number: 4


Astrological Sign: Leo


Chemical Composition and Name – Al7(O3(BO3)(SiO4)3)

Hardness – 7-8.5

Specific Gravity – 3.26-3.45

Refractive Index (R.I.) – 1.686-1.723

Bi-refringence –

Optic Sign – Negative

Optical Character – Biaxial