Labradorite stone, with its flash of color is minded mainly in Africa, Australia, Canada, Finland, India, Madagascar, Newfoundland, New South Wales, Romania, Russia and Scandinavia. It is mined in several locations in the United States with Utah having the unique clear variety which is one of the most unusual specimens to be found anywhere in the world.

Labradorite stone is one of my favorite gemstones. There is just something about the flash of color in all the gemstones that exhibit the iridescent schiller effect, that I find fascinating and this gem never lets me down. It makes an excellent meditation tool. By allowing your mind to walk through the mystical world which unfolds in the various layers of iridescent color within the stone, your body can easily follow into a complete, relax meditation.

Labradorite stone was discover about 1770. It gets its name from where it was first found, Labrador Canada. The variety of Labradorite stone found in Finland in the 1940’s is usually called Spectrolite.

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One Labradorite meaning is as a gemstone of destiny because it opens up your psychic abilities by connecting you to the Universal flow of energies that permeates our world and universe. Of course with this increase in personal psychic abilities, comes the need for the wisdom to know how to use the gifts in a way that never harms others. Gifts such as these should only be used for positive results, in the service of others rather than to harm or control others in any way.

Sleep with a labradorite stone to receive prophetic dreams and guidance on your life path from ascended beings. If you listen to the meanings they have to give you, they will teach you all you need to know to live a positive life, helping others while still fulfilling your own hopes, desires and dreams.

Allow it and a labradorite crystal will teach you how valuable you are as a spiritual being. It will release your inner securities about yourself, your powers and your abilities to give you a sense of inner worth and strength of will.

Labradorite earrings tend to be preferred over other types of jewelry by professional psychics. This is because of trying to get the labradorite as close to the third eye as possible. I find if I slip a labradorite under a scarf of head band while doing readings I get much clearer results.

An excellent gemstone for those seeking to bring your diet, health and exercise habits under control because it regulates your metabolism and jump starts your energy levels to get your moving.

Labradorite stone is useful for those with arthritic disorders such as gout and rheumatism. Slip one or more gemstones under any sort of bandage to hold it near the joint, or place a few loose beads in a warm foot bath and sink your feet in to help with gout in the feet.

When a head cold is getting you down, try relaxing with a labradorite stone on your forehead and/or cheeks to relieve the sinus problems associated with colds, flu or hay fever.

If you find yourself suffering from the affects of stress or from any stress related disorder, try meditating with a labradorite stone. It provides relief from stress in all it’s many forms. If you find yourself suffering for any type of anxiety, depression or hopelessness, labradorite stone can wash them away leaving enthusiasm and self confidence in it’s place.

As an aid to reducing blood pressure, wear of bracelet or necklace of labradorite beads. The idea is to wear a circle of stones around a part of your body so as you blood travels through your body, it can be cleansed and purified by the gemstones.

Perhaps my favorite Labradorite meaning is to help you relax and reach the meditative state easier. This allows you to get better results from all types of meditation.

Labradorite crystal helps to remove negativity from people and their immediate environment. It helps you to find the ability to think clearly in any situation and teaches you the ability to work in balance and harmony with others. If you find yourself needing to learn to stick to a job or needing the strength to complete any project, turn to this labradorite meaning to find those qualities within yourself.

In earlier history, Eskimo’s thought that what we know as the Aurora Borealis (the Northern Lights) had been trapped inside the gemstones and one of their ancestors stabbed the stone with his spear and let them loose into the sky. But some of the lights remained trapped inside to make what we call labradorite stone.

One of the many gemstone myths is that people who are exceptionally attracted to labradorite are descended from the lost city of Atlantis, whereas those that are exceptionally attracted to Angelite are descended from Lemuria.

If you are having problems connecting with your Spirit Guide or if you want to turn up the connection, try holding or wearing a labradorite stone during the process. Taking advantage of this labradorite meaning helps open up the channels allowing easier and clear communication to follow.

If you rnight vision is poor, preventing you from being able to drive at night, try spending a few minute each day relaxing with a labradorite gemstone on each closed eyelid.

Main Chakra: Brow


Vibrates to the number:

Element: Water

Astrological Sign: Scorpio, Sagittarius, Leo


Chemical Composition and Name – (Ca,Na)(Si,Al)4 O8 – Calcium Sodium Aluminum Silicate

Hardness – 6.0 – 6.5

Specific Gravity – 2.5 – 2.9

Refractive Index (R.I.) – 1.560 to 1.568

Bi-refringence – weak maximum birefringence of 0.010

Optic Sign – Positive

Optical Character – Biaxial