Malachite Stone of Transformation

Malachite is formed over hundred (thousands) of years as water seeps through copper formations. The process that turns copper green when exposed to water is the same process that gives malachite its green color. It is a chemical reaction between the actual copper ore and oxygen and hydrogen in water.

Rarely is malachite stone found in crystal form. Usually it is found in small grape like balls or larger mass forms similar to stalagtite bases, where the liquid minerals have dripped over time. This dripping of minerals is also what causes the familar bulleyes to wavy patterns within each individual malachite stone.

The most highly sought after pieces have intricate bands of color. Often these bands form “eyes” within a piece. You will often find these eyes called “peacock eyes” within the jewelry industry and they are highly sought after by collectors.

Azurite often grows with malachite stone. Both are formed where copper is plentiful and it is not unusual to find these two minerals growing together in one stone in the metaphyscial community. Jewelers usually prefer stones that are solid malachite, however it is not uncommon to see pocket stones or specimen size pieces that include both stones.

malachite stone specimen malachite beads

    1. Malachite stone is a Protector of Children and they make an excellent stone for putting in jewelry designed spcifically for children. Hang a malachite stone in the window of the childs room to absorb any negative energies that might come through. Place one in your childs pocket as a lucky stone to protect them from others that may wish to harm them.
    2. Traveling always puts us at extra risk. Not only from the strangers we may encounted but also from the risk of an accident while on the road. Wear jewelry made of malachite stone or carry a gemstone in your pocket to protect you while you travel and hang one from your rear view mirror to protect from injury in accidents.
    3. Whether you are the CEO of a multi-billion dollar corporation or the sole proprietor of a home business you can benefit from the power of this money colored stone. Place a gem in your cash register or display a specimen in a place of honor near your desk to bring success in businesses.
    4. With the pressures put upon employees in todays modern offices and the stress of everyday living that is almost impossible to leave outside our homes, it is no wonder that homes and business tend to have an air of stress about them that often leads to arguments. Use malachite stone as a decorative piece in your home or office to help maintain harmony in the relationships carried on there.
    5. The curse of the evil eye has been documented throughout history with the earliest mention in ancient text coming from about 5000 BC in ancient Mesomatamia writings. Wear earrings or a necklace containing malachite stone to protect against the evil eye.
    6. Nightmares can ruin the lives of both children and adults and can be brought on by a wide range of triggers. If you or any of your loved ones are bothered by nightmares, place a malachite crystal under your pilliow to calm the wild beasts of the night.
    7. Our bodies can tell us what we need, what we are missing and what we need to do to correct the problem, but often it is hard to be able to listen to what our bodies are saying. Meditate with a stone and allow it to show you where disharmonies are within your mind, body and soul and allow it to show you how to improve them.
    8. The malachite stone works much like a spring tonic to bring all the bodies systems into harmony. Wear the stones in jewelry or meditate with a stone laying on each chakra to receive this powerful benefit.
    9. As a healing gemstone, use a malachite gemstone to cleanse and balance the energies of the heart, lungs and other organs. This can be accomplished by wearing a gemstone on a chain so it hangs near the heart and between the lungs or take a few moments to lay down, placing a gemstone over the heart area then relaxing while it does it work.
    10. Our connection with God/Spirit is one of the more important connections we have in our lives. Wear any type of malachite crystal to heighten the Spiritual awareness of the wearer.
    11. A hard day of running, football, soccer and even just walking on unlevel ground can leave us with pain from muscles that have been over worked. Use a string of malachite beads or chips worn around the arm or leg to help heal muscles, bones and ligaments.
    12. To help prevent injury during a workout, try wearing or carrying a malachite stone to help improve flexibility within the body. It nothing else, string a couple of beads onto a large safety pin and pin it to the inside of your workout gear so you will be protected without the worry of it coming off or getting in your way.
    13. If you suffer with arthritis or any other type of joint pain, it can be debilitating, making normal everyday life almost unbareable without medication that can be unhealthy if used too much. Wrap the joint with an ace bandage and slip a malachite gemstone under it to help with arthritis and joint pain.
    14. Do you normally wake each morning with stiff and sore muscles and joints? Sleep with malachite stone to ease the morning stiffness.
    15. Everyone knows the forumla for losing weight is nothing more than eating fewer calories than you burn, but that does not make it easy to make the right choices when we are constantly bombarded with food in television, magazines and even at the office party. A malachite stone makes a great gift for anyone trying to lose weight because malachite helps you make good food choices to increase weight loss.
    16. Wear a string of malachite beads around your neck. As your blood flows through the ring of stones, it clears impurities from the blood keeping the arteries and veins clear.
    17. Here is a great meditation to help strengthen the immune system. Hold a malachite stone in each hand while meditating and allow the energies to flush through your body. Visualize the energy sweeping through your blood stream cleaning out all the little germs and viruses that make us sick and see it adding strength and vigor to the body systems that control our immunity.
    18. Soak one or more malachite stones in a quart of pure water for at least 24 hours, then pour the water into a tub full of nice hot water. Step in, sit down and relax and allow the gemstone elixir to detoxify and purify all your organs and body. NOTE: DO NOT DRINK the elixir as it can be toxic when taken internally.
    19. Since ancient times one of the most popular malachite uses has been to attract money. It makes a great amulet to obtain the wealth you need and makes the perfect stone to put into Mojo bags for this very purpose.
    20. Malachite can be used to clear and activate any of the chakras and is the perfect stone for the heart chakras when working with color chakra therapy.
    21. Wearing earrings or a necklace of malachite helps to improve concentration. Animals carved of malachite stone make a great gift for college students for this reason.
    22. Display a gemstone near the doors of your house or bury a gemstone just outside the doors to keep spiders and snakes out of the house.
    23. Having cramps and other menstration problems? Use a small bandage to tape a malachite stone to your belly, just below the navel to help relieve these symptoms.
    24. DO NOT use in elixirs to be drank – Toxic. Do not take internally.

Main Chakra: Heart

Planet: Venus

Vibrates to the number: 9

Element: Earth

Astrological Sign: Virgo and Capricorn


Chemical Composition and Name – Cu2CO3(OH)2

Hardness – 3.5-4

Specific Gravity – 4.03

Refractive Index (R.I.) – na = 1.655 nß = 1.875 n? = 1.909

Bi-refringence – d = 0.254

Optic Sign –

Optical Character – Biaxial