Obsidian rock is actually a type of glass that formed when molten lava cooled so quickly, there was not time for any crystals to form. The actual composition of the rock is dependent on what minerals, gases, and such were in the immediate area when the lava cooled.

Since ancient times, obsidian rock has been used in making various tools such as arrowheads, knives, and saws for cutting animal bones and skins. Today, some of the best scalpels in the world are made from it because of how thinly and smoothly the blade can be sharpened.

Most people are familiar with black obsidian. There are several other types including: Apache Tear, Blue, Blue/Green, Gold Sheen, Mahogany, Rainbow, Red, Silver Sheen and Snowflake.

obsidian stone pointsnowflake obsidian tumbled

Obsidian stone can be found almost anywhere there has been volcanic activity in the past, but not all the sources are currently being mined. Most mining is done in Armenia, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Japan, Java, Kenya, Mexico, New Zealand, Scotland and Turkey. In the United States, the most common places where it is mined includes Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Indiana, Montana, New Mexico, Oregon, Texas and Utah.

Originally used for arrowheads and knives by the native peoples, obsidian rock is a very strong gemstone of protection. Worn by ancient warriors to ensure both protection in battle and that they maintain their high standards of honor by being honest, sincere and truthful. Obsidian stone can help you connect to the ancient warrior within you and reclaim forgotten abilities you learned in past lives.

Mayan Priests used mirrors made of obsidian rock to foretell the future. They called the mirrors, “smoking mirrors”, but what they were referring to is the same as what we call a scrying mirror. Today’s scrying mirrors are usually clear glass with a black background on them. Much like the ancient version, the seer would gaze into the mirror and see signs and portent’s of what is to come.

As a healing stone, obsidian crystal can help relieve pain. If no one is around to perform a healing ritual on you, try wrapping the affected area with an ace bandage and placing a rock under the bandage so it is touching the skin.

If you find yourself with thoughts that are running wild or you are having a hard time concentrating on any single subject, try meditating while holding one or more obsidian rocks. Its grounding properties can send all those excess energies into the earth where they can be transmuted into more positive energies.

Carrying or wearing an obsidian stone can be highly protective, keeping negative energies of all types away from you. It works by diverting the excess or negative energies away from you and into the earth. This prevents negative energies from reaching you and allows the earth to transform the energies into something more positive in nature.

The reflective qualities of this natural glass beauty can help you to look deep within yourself and find the negative qualities of your personality that needs to be worked on. It not only teaches you to see where the problem is at, but guides you to removing the problem from your way of thinking.

If those living within your home have a tendency to argue too much or anytime the air at your home or work tends to feel charged with negative energy, bring an obsidian into the environment and allow it to absorb the energies, Remember to cleanse the stone of the negative energies occasionally. Allowing water to flow over the stone while visiualising the negative energies being washed out of the stone is easy and works fine.

Any piece of obsidian that has at least one side of it polished makes an excellent divination tool. Similar to a hand held scrying mirror, looking within the depths of rock unlocks universal information and brings it to your minds eye to be seen and interpreted.

This is not a crystal healing stone just anyone should wear. It is too forceful in showing you the reality of life and only those of strong spirit can deal with it unless the reality is softened by combining Obsidian stone with Rose Quartz, Aventurine or Chrysocolla. Or instead of using the black form of Obsidian, try using the Snowflake Form which has the same properties but with a light, easy to digest touch.

So far, the properties we have discussed are common to all forms of obsidian stone. Now let’s look at some of the properties available in individual types of obsidian.

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Look below for the Planetary, chakra, astrological and technical details of Obsidian Stone.

Main Chakra: Base

Planet: Saturn

Vibrates to the number: 3 & 7

Element: Earth and Fire

Astrological Sign: Scorpio, Sagittarius


Chemical Composition and Name – 70–75% SiO2, plus MgO, Fe3O4

Hardness – 5 – 6

Specific Gravity – ~2.4

Refractive Index (R.I.) – 1.45 to 1.55

Bi-refringence – None

Optic Sign –

Optical Character – Isotropic