Rose quartz crystal, like most other forms of quartz gemstones, started life within the molten lava that swirls within the earth to this day. The pressure within the earth pushes the liquid lava into every tiny crack and crevice it can find and it is within this inner kingdom where the minerals start to mix with other minerals and rose quartz crystal starts to grow.

In a way, the term Rose Quartz Crystal is actually a misnomer because this healing gemstone rarely forms crystals with actual points. In most cases it will not grow above extremely tiny, almost too small to be seen points. Occasionally however, actual pieces with individually terminated points are found in the Minas Garis and Poco D’Anta mines in Brazil.

The vast majority of rose quartz crystal points on the market are cut, shaped and polished from large chunks of stone, are imitation, or they are reconstituted. In that case, they take the chunks left over after cutting, melt and then pour them into slabs which are cut and shaped after cooling.

Rose Quartz crystal - raw specimen imageRose Quartz crystal tumbled image

There is much debate about whether reconstituted stones have the same metaphysical properties as their natural counterparts. After all, they are being made from real rose quartz crystal, leading one to think they would have the same properties. My personal feeling on the subject is they are not the same. In fact, I found out about the stones 7 or 8 years ago when I won an action for a nice tall rose quartz Obelisk at what I thought was a GREAT price. When it arrived however, I did not feel any life in it. It is beautiful but feels spiritually dead.

This would make sense when you think about the fact it is the crystaline structure of natural rose quartz crystal that holds the power. Melting the stone destroys the crystals. Many people tell me I am wrong and they can feel the life within the crytal, so each person must make their own decision on the subject.

If you are extremely lucky, you might happen upon a rose quartz gemstone that actually glows in the dark from the phosphorus content of the stone. Rarely a Rose Quartz crystal will be found with a star, much like what is seen in star rubies. This is very rare with rose quartz crystals however and can only be seen once the stone has been cut and polished.

Probably the most widely know rose quartz crystal meaning is as the stone of love and marriage, you can keep your marriage alive and spicy by keeping a rose quartz gemstone under your pillow.

Youth and beauty are fleeting and we need every drop of help we can get to maintain our youthful appearances as they tend to fade too fast for anyone to be comfortable with it. Since ancient times women have kept rose quartz crystals under their pillow so the soothing beauty of the stone will help their bodies maintain their youthful appearance.

During times of stress or any time emotions get out of control, use a rose quartz crystal to bring calm and peaceful energies to the situation. Makes a great stone to be kept in businesses where there tends to be a lot of stress such as the doctors or dentist office where its soothing energies can help ease the patients tensions.

Place a few rose quartz crystals in a glass container of water then set it outside under the full moon and allow it to stay there overnight. This elixir makes a great beauty aid to bathe in to keep your skin smooth.

Just like it helps in the doctors office, keeping a stone in a room will help remove negativity for the people in it. This is exceptionally helpful if a family member gets caught up in a negative phase and is very helpful when teenagers go through those hormonal roller coaster phases.

If your body is full of stress or anxiety from any cause, take a few moments to relax with rose quartz crystal in each hand. Perhaps the second best known rose quartz meaning is that it helps reduces stress and anxiety in the body and all you have to do is relax for a few moments and allow it to happen. With todays economic problems this is one use the entire world could make use of.

Without intentionally meaning to, often people make us feel as if we are not worthy of the lives we lead. Plus our society thinks if you are not part of the upper crust, you are not as worthy as they are. This causes a feeling of negative self worth that can affect our ability to live life to its fullest. Carry or wear a rose quartz crystal to increase your feeling of self worth and banish this problem.

Are you ready to accept a love into your life? Don’t let prior bad choices harden your heart against accepting love. Allow this special stone to open your heart and make it ready to accept love. This is a special rose quartz meaning that can change the lives of those who will allow it to work its magic for them.

Magic makes the world go round and if you are ready to call that one special someone into your life and planning on using magic to do it, be sure to include a couple of rose quartz crystals to help draw that perfect someone to you.

This rose quartz property is for anyone that works hard, to the point of having blisters and is also good for sun bathers that stay out a little too long. Make an elixir by soaking a crystal in water overnight (under the moons light if possible. Then bathe burns and blisters in the elixir to speed healing.

If your job requires you to deal with people, especially when it is during their times of need, this rose quartz property can help in those times when you may find yourself a little short on patience and understanding. Carry one with you at all times to help bring patience and understanding to any situation where it is needed.

If life, job, family, the economy and everything else has left you with raw emotions and you are no longer sure if your choices are being made for the right reasons, meditate on the situation with rose quartz crystal in your hand and allow it to purify your emotions.

Our bodies have a vibrational level just like everything else in the universe and the various stresses and situations we encounter can cause our vibrational level to lower, become baser, which in turn attracts lower things and situations to us. (like attracts like) Carry Rose Quartz Crystals to help raise the vibrational level of your body.

Rose quartz crystals are especially good for someone who has experienced a spouse who was unfaithful or abusive. Working with the stone can help you to let go of the pent up emotions that go along with the hurt they caused you, so you can move on with your life and find the person that is right for you.

Whether it is from being a victim of crime or simply the unthinking things people say it is easy to forget how to trust others. Don’t get me wrong it is often in your best interest to not immediately trust others, but I’m talking about the inability to trust pretty much anyone. That can lead to all sorts of problems both emotional and financial. If you find yourself in one of these situations, wear a rose quartz gemstone and allow it to unharden your heart so it can teach you to trust others agains.

When our emotions become pent up, especially when it is any emotion that makes us want to hurt someone or destroy something, we need to release those feelings and we want to do it without hurting others or breaking things. Trust a rose quartz crystal to make it happen.

Rose Quartz Crystals have a long history of use in healing the human body. Ancient Romans used it to relieve headaches and cure breathing problems. Todays gemstone healers use it to help lower blood pressure and many people wear jewelry with rose quartz stones to help supplement their doctors orders.

Main Chakra: Heart to Crown

Planet: Venus

Vibrates to the number: 8

Element: All

Astrological Sign: Libra and Taurus


Chemical Composition and Name – SiO2, Silicon Dioxide

Hardness – 7

Specific Gravity – 2.65

Refractive Index (R.I.) – 1.544-1.553

Bi-refringence – 0.009

Optic Sign – Positive

Optical Character – UNIAXIAL