Found in many places around the world, most high quality stones are mined in Afghanistan, Australia, Cambodia, Greenland, Kenya, Madagascar, Myanmar, Nepal, North Vietnam, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Tanzania, Thailand and Vietnam. In the United States, most are minded in Montana, North Carolina, and South Carolina.

Ruby gemstone is a metaphysical stone of both love and wisdom. It is a royal gemstone worn by Kings, Queens and Priests throughout history. Any sort of ruler or teacher must lead their followers with wisdom and caring and the ruby stones ability to teach you how to make wise decisions and guide you to making decisions from the heart and not just the brain may be why they were always so fond of it.

Ruby stone stimulates the heart chakras in a way like no other gemstone. It helps you to set your basic value system and decide what is acceptable in your world and what it not. This is the pure value system that is unadulterated by the heart aches and chest pains the world dishes out at times.

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The protective abilities of the Ruby stone may be why it was so often used in the breast plates and shields of Kings and Knights of old. In our modern times, it makes an excellent stone to wear as a shielding stone. Simply carry or wear a stone so you can easily get to it and when you feel the need for protection, grasp the stone and visualize a bright red light shining out from it and surrounding your entire being.

You can also pre-program a ruby stone as a shield so it can send out protective energies to surround you at all times. This is an especially good way to help prevent psychic attacks.

The instances of life that are the most troublesome to us, often happen for a specific reason, a life lesson needing to be learned or to bring us back into alignment with out true selves and the needs and desires we are able to fill in the world. Ruby stones can help you see the lessons you need to learn before the turmoil hits in our lives. Of course each instance is different but occasionally we can keep from having to deal with these events.

It is believed by some cultures that if you own a ruby stone, you will never lose your wealth and is often used in work to ensure the stability of your income.

To help improve your ability to enter a Lucid Dream State, wear or carry a ruby stone during your attempts. It helps you to remain lucid while entering the dream state and increases your ability to control the dream without slipping into a normal sleep pattern.

Create a ruby elixir by soaking a crystal in water for at least a few hours (longer is better), then use the elixir to bathe the skin of anyone with a fever to help reduce it.

f you suffer from any type of disorder of the heart, especially if blockages of the veins is involved, mediate while laying down with a ruby gemstone placed above the heart. Wearing ruby stones on a necklace long enough so it hangs even with the heart can also serve the same purpose. It can help to ease the flow of blood through the veins.

When the body has too many toxins in it, either from slowly accumulating out of the environment or from accidental (or intentional) poisoning, wear 2 or more ruby stones on opposite sides of a part of the body. For instance, wearing a bracelet or anklet with multiple rubies so they are on both sides of the wrist or ankle. Then as your blood flows through your body and circulates through that specific part of the body, the rubies will purify the blood, helping to remove the toxins and speed healing.

Main Chakra: Base

Planet: Mars

Vibrates to the number: 3

Element: Fire

Astrological Sign: Leo, Scorpio, Cancer


Chemical Composition and Name – Al2O3 aluminum oxide

Hardness – 9

Specific Gravity – 3.97 – 4.05

Refractive Index (R.I.) – 1.762 -1.778

Bi-refringence – -0.008

Optic Sign – Negative

Optical Character – Unaxial