Sapphire gemstone comes in many colors. The best know color is the Blue Sapphire which is the most sought after variety for jewelry and therefore commands high prices. From a metaphysical standpoint, all sapphires have the same basic properties as blue sapphire gemstone, just in varying degrees. This article is based mainly on the blue sapphire gemstone, with a short synopsis of some of the better known other colors at the end.

The word Sapphire comes from the Greek word for Blue. The best known colors of sapphire run from a blue so deep it is considered black, to a very pale blue. In jewelry terms, a strong blue shade is the most valued. For healing and metaphysical properties, any shade that has the properties you are looking for will do, especially since the price between the shades varies greatly.

Most of todays sapphire gemstones are mined in Sri Lanka, Australia, Madagascar, Thailand and Myanmar. Some of the finest Sapphires come from Sri Lanka and the territory of Kashmir where controls on the amount of mining allowed is strictly regulated to prevent prices from being reduced by over production.

sapphire gemstone specimenseveral colored sapphire specimen

Sapphire Gemstone Traits

The following traits are presented as traditional uses in healing and metaphysical applications and should not be taken as being medical advice.

  1. Helps clear the mind of stresses.
  2. Considered by some to be a symbol of heaven and joyful devotion to God.
  3. Open your ability to peerceive the energies that move through the universe.
  4. Cures a sore throat when worn near the throat.
  5. Attracts money and financial opportunities.
  6. Promotes inner peace by clearing negative energies from the mind.
  7. Organizes thoughts in a logical sequence so they can be dealt with to clear the mind as easily as possible.
  8. Helps you determine which thoughts must be forgotten.
  9. Removes negativity.
  10. Relieve stress.
  11. Expands the mind.
  12. Improves memory and mental recall.
  13. Any healing where the blue light ray is needed.
  14. Recharges your mind with fresh energies.
  15. Clears blocked mucus to allow drainage.
  16. Heals damaged nerves.
  17. Stimulates throat and 3rd eye chakras.
  18. Expands psychic abilities.
  19. Useful in legal matters.
  20. Can reflect harmful spells back to the sender.
  21. Activates the crown chakra.
  22. Allows you to see your lifes work.
  23. Aids in Channeling.
  24. Helps obtain material desires.
  25. In an office situation, helps ensure employee loyalty.
  26. Good for healing eye problems.
  27. Reduces fevers.
  28. Protects from the Evil Eye.
  29. Releases confusion.
  30. Helps one obtain self discipline.
  31. Reduces inflammation.
  32. Heals nose bleeds.
  33. Helps hearing problems.
  34. Increases the reception of Clairaudience.
  35. An astringent for bathing and healing infection.

When dealing with ancient knowledge, it is often impossible to distinguish what is fact from what is myth. The following is presented only as ancient knowledge without regard to the possiblities of fact or myth.

  1. Some believe the 10 commandments was given to Mosses on tablets of sapphire.
  2. British Crown Jewels are full of large blue sapphires, because it is believed to be the symbol of a pure and wise ruler.
  3. Prince Charles chose a sapphire engagement ring for Princess Diana.
  4. If you have an idea a star sapphire can help you hold the dream and make it a reality.

White Sapphire Gemstone – Is a good stone for anyone to use as their personal power stone as it helps you find your potential and lifes work. Useful in activating the Crown Chakra.

Yellow Sapphire Gemstone – A good stone for a healer, especially useful for those dealing with trauma that originated in their childhood. Also works well in helping children that are seriously ill. Helps to provide a golden ray shield of protection.

Green Sapphire Gemstone – A good stone to activate and balance the heart chakra. Useful for any type of money spells or where prosperity energies are needed. Helps restore energy to the body. Is a good stone for healing when the green ray energy is needed.

Purple Sapphire Gemstone – A good stone for anyone that channels or works with any type of psychic abilities or any of the divinatory arts. Helps to clear the mind so you can receive messages clearly.

Main Chakra: 6th and 7th

Planet: (dark blue) Saturn, (light blue) Venus

Vibrates to the number: 6

Element: Water

Astrological Sign: Aquarius, Virgo, Libra and Capricorn


Chemical Composition and Name – Al2O3

Hardness – 9

Specific Gravity – 4

Refractive Index (R.I.) – 1.762-1.770 (+.009,-.005)

Bi-refringence – 0.008-0.010

Optic Sign – Negative

Optical Character – Uniaxial