Sodalite is a gemstone of peace and is perfect for use as a focusing device when meditating. Simply holding a small stone in each hand while meditating can help your mind to let go of the throughts of the various problems that present during our day and allow the peaceful energies to flow over you like a silken river.

The base color of sodalite is a rather dark blue to a violet blue color, however it usually appears to have almost all shades of blue in it because of the veins of white that flow through the blue. It is quiet easy to confuse sodalite with Lapis lazuli because sodalite can also have flecks of pyrite. But Lapis rarely has the actual veins of white that we see in sodalite.

The most common places in the world where sodalite is mined is in Boliva, Brazil, Columbia, Greenland, India, Namibia, Norway, Ontario & Quebec Canada, Portugal, Romania and Maine and Arkanasas in the United States.

raw sodalite imagetumbled sodalite image #2

Sodalite is usually found in masses and rarely is found in crystal form in nature with the exception of some striking 12 sided crystals found in Italy around the mount Vesuvius volcano. Cutters will often take large chunks of sodalite and from it into crystal shapes, wands and massagers. It can be purchased in slabs or chunks for those who seek to carve or finish their own stones and is readily available by the piece or by the pound as a tumbled stone for use in wire wrapped jewelry or meditation uses. It can also be purchased as beads, cabachons or faceted for jewelry.

As sodalite soothes your mind and body, it allows you to let go of the stresses that often prevent us from reaching our higher selves. As we let go of those tensions, it becomes easiesr to see where our thoughts, ideas, fears and worries can cause negative imbalances within us. This help us to identify areas that need work while being able to understand the tremendous physical and emotional empact these changes can bring into our lives.

If you know someone who is a athlete or who is working on strengthening their physical bodies, have them wear or carry one of more pieces of sodalite as it has been used to help increase physical endurance.

Persons who write for a living often will keep pieces of sodalite on their desk or wear sodalite in their jewelry as it has been known to help writers be more prolific. This is probably an effect of the calming properties of sodalite. By calming the mind and body it allows a writer to focus more intently on the task at hand.

Anyone who is having problems with being overly critical of the things others say or do, would do well to wear sodalite. This is especially true if worn near the heart and/or head as it helps connected you with your higher self. This allows you better understand why and how others do the things they do.

As a healing cyrstal, sodalite has historically been used to help level blood sugar in diabetics and to help cleanse and balance the energy levels in the various glands of the body such as the pituitary, thyroid and lymph glands. This also helps to increase the immune systems ability to function as the cleansing spreads throughout the body and allows all of the organs to regain their strength and balance.

Sodalite makes a great worry stone or pocket stone to carry around. Simply have it near you on a regular basis, because the healing affects are believed to be compounded the longer the stone is kept near the person using it.

Main Chakra: Throat

Planet: Venus

Vibrates to the number: 4

Element: Water

Astrological Sign: Sagittarius


Chemical Composition and Name – Silicate of Sodium and aluminium, with sodium chloride. Na8Al6(Si6O24)Cl2

Hardness – 5.5 – 6

Specific Gravity – 2.15 – 2.35 (2.28)

Refractive Index (R.I.) – 1.480 – 1.486 (1.48) / Nil.

Bi-refringence – None

Optic Sign –

Optical Character – Isotropic