Tigers Eye (also known as Tiger Eye) draws upon the best qualities of a Tiger allowing you to absorb them into your being to get the most benefit from them.

1) Patience: A tiger can wait patiently for hours or even days until the right opportunity presents itself. In business and in life, patience is a virtue. Often we run head long into a project without doing the proper research or learning and we find ourselves having to backtrack. Allow the tiger eye to bring you clear thinking and insight in to the situation. Listen to the tiger and bide your time is our first tiger eye meaning.

2) Focused: A tiger will stay focused on the object he desires for as long as it takes. In business, if we allow ourselves to lose focus, we allow our competition to gain a foothold and we miss opportunities to grow and increase our businesses. A tiger eye rock will keep you focused if you allow it to. This Tiger eye meaning warns you to stay focused on your goal.

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3) Determination: A tiger is totally determined to get what he wants and needs. You must be also to be successful in your business. If you are not determined to succeed, it will not happen. Learn from the tiger and allow the tigers eye gemstone to help maintain and increase your determination is all aspect of life and business. Listen to this tiger eye meaning and stay determined to reach your goal.

Tigers Eye healing properties

A Tiger Eye can assure the correct use of power, courage, grace and the ability to see clearly and without illusion. All of which clears the way before you to allow success to enter your life.

A tiger eye makes an excellent healing stone for adults with ADD or any type of emotional disorder as it gives strength, restores balance, relieves doubt and helps you make decisions with vision and clarity. Especially helpful if you’re feeling drained, overwhelmed, or unfocused.

Does your mind flit from one thought to another, making it hard to concentrate, impossible to meditate. Use Tiger Eye to ground yourself. It stills the mind and helps you move deeper into meditation. It can also create harmony in your life and is especially suited for anyone seeking peace and calm in their life.

Tigers Eye attracts money

Too often, those that come into money after a long lack of money in their life, tend to become abusive with the power that money brings. They tend to shun those they knew most of their life and tend to be obnoxious to servants. Tigers Eye helps prevent the abuse of power, leaving you better able to get along with everyone involved, which makes relationships with those that work for us much smoother.

Since ancient times, tiger eye stones have been used to stimulate wealth by attracting money into the life of the wearer. At the same time, it helps you keep the wealth you have and it prevents you from becoming abusive with your money or greedy.

Take a Tiger Eye outside on the night of the full moon, hold it to the moon and ask that She Bless it to draw money into your life. Allow it to sit in the moonlight as long as possible, then take it in and keep it in your pocket or purse along with your money to draw more into your life.

Miscellaneous Fact about Tigers Eye

A times it can be hard to find information on Tiger Eye Gemstones because of the various spelling of the name. Tiger Eye, Tigers Eye and Tiger’s Eye all are speaking of the same stone, which is also occasionally listed as Cat’s Eye. Cats eye however can be any one of a variety to gemstone types which when cut properly, displays a band of light across the top of the stone which looks similar to the slash of reflected light in a cats eye.

Tigers Eye stone comes in a few different colors, the most common of which are gold, blue and red tiger eye. All have the flash of color that resembles the flash you see in a tigers eye when the light hits is at night and this is where the name Tiger Eye comes from.

Tiger eye rock is a good choice to use while meditating as they help you to calm your emotions and mind so you can enter the meditative state.

Feeling out of sorts lately, stressed from your job or life in general? Tiger eye stone is a great stone for you to wear or carry. They correct the problems that leave you feeling drained, overwhelmed, confused, or unfocused.

If your home or office is a high stress area where tempers can easily get riled, try placing a large tiger eye gemstone (or several smaller ones) in the room to sooth the tensions.

Have a job in which you have to drive at night? Carry a tigers eye as it helps improve night vision.

Main Chakra: Solar Plexus Chakra

Planet: Sun

Vibrates to the number: 4

Element: Fire & Earth

Astrological Sign: Capricorn


Chemical Composition and Name – A Silicate. (Tectosilicates). A variation of Quartz

Hardness – 7

Specific Gravity – 2.64 – 2.71

Refractive Index (R.I.) – 1,544 -1,553

Bi-refringence – 0.009

Optic Sign – Positive

Optical Character – Uniaxial