Topaz stone is most commonly mined in Australia, Brazil, Nanibia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Russia and the United States in California, New Hapshire and Utah. Both surface mining and underground mining operations are used to remove Topaz stone from the earth.

Topaz stone grows in prismatic crystal shapes that will often have striations moving up the crystal. They may or moy not have points that are developed enough to be recognized as such. At times, Topaz stones will grow in shapes similar to pebbles that have been worn down in running water over the years. Both of these main formations of Topaz gemstone can be found in a wide varity of colors, ranging from blue, brown, green, gold, pink, red, yellow, white, gray and colorless.

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Topaz Stone Metaphysical Properties

From a metaphysical standpoint, Topaz stone is one of the greatest gifts from the gemstone world and helps on the metaphysical level with many of the problems that affect us in our daily lives. When it is spoken of as the gemstone of true love, it is because it allows you to see everything that is involved in a relationship with someone. This of course means both the good and the bad, for no matter how sweet a person is or how much we love them, they do have a bad side that will occasionally come out.

When you learn the whole person, all the uncertainty that sits in the back of your mind will either drop away as you learn that you can love this person as a whole person, or it will fester and show that there are things that can not be accepted and allow you to release those feelings either by releasing the person or actually releasing the feelings so you can accept the person as the whole person they are.

Topaz stone is also known as the gemstone of success in all endeavors. This is due to its ability to work as a gemstone of manifestation via the law of attraction which when activated results in success in everything you seek to accomplish. This is brought about because unlike quartz crystal points which permits energy to flow in the direction of the point, the points of Topaz and the facets of a faceted stone, allow alternating currents to flow through the stone. This permits the stone to relay your needs into the universal flow of energy we all draw from and attract it back into your auric field to be manifested in your life.

Topaz stones can help you to create changes in your life even when you are not 100% sure what changes need to be made. It allows you to open up to the unlimited knowledge that exists in the universal flow and to absorb what you need the most at this point in time, it allows you to see beyond what is important in your personal world by enhancing your awareness of how you are but a small part of a much bigger whole. A whole that includes everyone and every thing in the universe and the entire whole works together with each act having an affect on the whole.

The mystical powers of Topaz stone shows up in many ancient writings and in various myths. One of its many used by ancient Kings was to check whether someone had poisoned the King’s food. Topaz gemstones were placed near the King’s food. If it stayed the same color, the food was thought safe, if it changed color, it was thought the food was poisoned.

Ancient Kings and Prince’s often had their breastplate armor encrusted with various gemstones and Topaz stone was a common one to be found on them. It was believed that Topaz stone would increase the wearers strength and to help make him invisible giving him a much greater chance of success in battle.

Topaz Stone Healing Properties

As a healing gemstone, Topaz stone is used to to correct sexual dysfunction, cleanses the body by cleansing the kidneys and the liver. This helps to improve all their functions, allowing them to keep the body cleansed properly. If you have a problem with poor blood circulation in any place in your body, try affixing a topaz to it to help increase blood flow.

Anyone who suffers from any type of arthritic pain may find some relief by rubbing the affected area with a Topaz gemstone.

A Topaz elixer can be made by soaking a Topaz stone in water, under the light of a full moon. This elixer can be taken internally to help purify the body of any type of infection or bacteria. It can also be used as a wash on the body to help heal any type of skin eruption or wound.

Both the Egyptians and the Romans associated Topaz stone with their Sun God. The Egyptians believe the gemstone would protect them from all types of harm. The Romans believed the stone would protect them from enchantments and scorcery of all types and would give them the power to see the approach of their enemies from a greater distance.

Main Chakra: Sacral Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra

Planet: Jupiter

Vibrates to the number: 6

Element: Air

Astrological Sign: Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius


Chemical Composition and Name – Al2SiO4(F,OH)2 Aluminum silicate fluoride hydroxide

Hardness – 8

Specific Gravity – 3.49-3.57

Refractive Index (R.I.) – 1.606-1.644

Bi-refringence – 0.008 – 0.010

Optic Sign – Positive

Optical Character – Biaxial